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Whale Weathervanes

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

 The Largest Animal In The Sea 

There really isn’t anything quite like having a whale weathervane on your home. The look of these is really a great accent to any home. Whether or not you live on the beach, these vanes will be a favorite of yours for years to come. If you own a beach home or live close to the ocean you will really enjoy the accent that these weathervanes create

Whales are the largest animals in the ocean. They normally feed off of small fish and plankton. We are certainly glad that these animals stay in the ocean as they are rather large. While they do love the ocean, we think that these whales will look amazing on top of your roof.

Select your desired finish whether it’s a polished copper or blue verde. Both look very attractive on any home. All weathervanes are of very high quality. These wind vanes are of the highes tquality and certainly will last for years. You are sure to love your new whale for years to come.