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Rooster Weather Vanes

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Set Descending Direction

A Classic Weathervane For Every Home! 

The most popular product by far is the famous rooster weathervanes. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing one of these classic figures up on your home. Any farm, country or barn is just not complete without one of these wind vanes. They look amazing and really embody everything that makes a weathervane great.

These classic figures are really a timeless piece that never goes out of style. If you own any farm animals or life sock, you simply have to have one of these. People will notice these figures from far away and will certainly love them. The rooster is the iconic farm animal that seems to stroll around on everybody’s farm.

We have a huge selection of roosters here at Weathervane Direct. You can find either a copper or aluminum made rooster that will look great on your home. You will also find some smaller roosters. For larger homes and barns, we have our estate rooster vane. There really is no better weathervane than a rooster. You will love our high quality vanes made from only the best material for years to come. Your rooster will be a great accent on your home and you will find that you just can’t stop looking at it.