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Pig Weathervanes

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

A Piglet Wind Vane For Any Home! 

If you think that a rooster is a good looking wind vane, try one of our classic pig weathervanes. They might not be as cute as a rooster but they certainly don’t lack in humor. Our pig weathervanes will have all your friends chuckling every time they see one. These pigs are just the cutest thing you have seen.

We carry many different sizes and figures. We also have a very funny and popular flying pig weathervane that features wings and all. With their cute little curly tail, it’s too hard to pass up on these weathervanes. It really will make your day every time you see one of these vanes.

They are all built to last, using only the finest material. We stand behind all of our weathervanes here at Weathervane Direct. You are sure to be enjoying your new wind vane for years to come.