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Heron Weathervanes

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Set Descending Direction

 A Must Have Classic Wind Vane! 

One of our favorites and most stunning vane we carry at Weathervane Direct is the heron weathervane. A heron is a long legged coastal bird that is spotted by it's long legs and neck. 

We carry a wide selection of heron weathervanes that capture the beauty of these animals. All are crafted carefully down to the finest detail. There are no other vanes that can come close to the qualities of these weathervanes. Crafted by skilled artisans, these are truly a form of art.

You and your family will love having this amazing bird perched up on your roof. These vanes are of the highest quality to ensure that your heron will last for years and make you smile everytime you see it. Select the stunning blue verde finish or polished copper, and you will be right on your way to a wonderful home accent.