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What are the weathervanes made of?

We have a great selection of both aluminum and copper weathervanes. The directionals are made of solid brass or aluminum and the assembly rod is made of brass and stainless steel for large size weathervanes. Weathervanes are also coated with a protected finish coat to withstand weather conditions.




How do weathervanes work?

The weathervanes should work according to the directionals. For some weathervanes and depending on the figure, it could take a stronger wind to properly point the weathervane.




How do I install a weathervane?

Your weathervane can be installed on the roof, wall or garden depending on the mount you purchased. Each mount will come with directions on how to properly set up your weathervane. Assembly is fairly quick and you only need a screw driver.


Do I need a cupola?

Weathervanes look much more attractive when placed on top of a cupola. However, you do not need a cupola to mount your weathervane. 

What size should I order?

We have selected the proper sizes for standard, garden or small and large or estate weathervanes. Estate vanes are larger and work well on top of barns or large houses. A standard vane will work for standard or average size homes. For more detailed information, please check out our blog post.

How long will weathervanes take to ship?

In stock weathervanes will ship in 1-2 business days. Made to order weathervanes can take 2-4 weeks to make and deliver. If the order should take longer, we will notify the customer.

How do I clean my weathervane?

Weathervanes are constructed to last and stand the test of time. With only tiny efforts, you can maintain your weathervane such that it looks stunning for many years to come. Weathervane figures, directionals, assembly rods and mounts are all made with the highest quality materials that ensure lasting beauty while requiring minimum maintenance. Check out our blog post for more information.