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Wood Cupolas

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Set Descending Direction

Crafted To Perfection! 

 Wood cupolas are used to accent the outdoor décor of your home. We carry a variety of differentstyle and designs for our customers. Look closely at each cupola as they all have different features, designs and moldings. We have provided the highest quality pictures we can get to give you the overall feeling of the cupola.

Our cupolas are made with the highest quality wood and are crafted by the best in the industry.They are all strength tested to ensure their longevity.  You will find different types of window designs on our cupolas from closed to open and different patterns. So look closely at each one and select which one you like the most.

Each individual product page has all the information you need to select the best sized cupolafor your home. We have made the process as easy as we can to ensure that you are happy withyour purchase. These truly are a great way to break up a normal plain roof line and add some definition. Also don’t forget that a weathervane is best when matched up with a cupola. The combination of a large weathervane and cupola is truly a remarkable way to enhance your outdoor décor.

If you have any questions about installing or selecting the right wood cupola for you, don’t hesitate to call our expert customer support for help. Our cupolas come with all the information that you need for installation and maintenance. You will have your new cupola up in no time!