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Vinyl Cupolas

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Set Descending Direction

Break Up That Boring Roof Line! 

 A cupola can really do wonders to a home’s exterior. If you are looking to spice up a boring roof, a vinyl cupola is the perfect choice. A cupola is a small dome structure that sits atop a building or home to admit light and air. They also form a beautiful accent to an otherwise plain roof.  We carry a wide range of cupolas that will add a new dimension to your home. Our sizes range from 18 inches by 25 inches to around 84 inches by 113 inches on some of the larger ones.

Each vinyl cupola is a little different as far as the design. Some of the shutters will feature an open window design while some will have them close. All the edging and molding varies slightly, so look closely to see just what fits your style home. They provide a great addition to your outdoor décor.

As far as sizes go, a general rule is that for every foot of unbroken roofline, you will want to add 1.5 inches to your cupola size. We feature more information about each cupola on the individual product pages. There you will find different sizes and options to choose from. Selecting the right size cupola is really easy in the end. We feature free shipping on all of our cupolas. Don’t forget that a cupola is truly topped off with a stunning weathervane. This combination is the perfect touch to any home.