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Here at WeathervaneDirect we offer a wide range of products to not only show the direction of the wind, but also accent your home with beautiful sculptures and figures.

We strive to give you the variety, quality, and price level that will delight you. We offer a wide range of wind vanes and cupolas in a variety of sizes. All our weathervanes come with a free mount for your roof, garden or wall, so you are sure to get just what you’re looking for. We offer free shipping, low price guarantee and excellent customer service. We always try our best to exceed your expectations again and again!

All vanes are finished with a protective coat to withstand the outdoor conditions. Our products are not just decorations, but a true work of art, all made by local artisans. All our weathervanes are proudly designed in the US! You will admire your new weathervane or cupola for years to come.


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